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Each one of our chakras has a seed syllable - a sound which resonates at the rhythm of a particular part of our body and opens it up. Ksham is the seed syllable for Ajna - our third eye - which when blocked, prevents us from seeing who we really are and what life is really about. Repeating the word Ksham helps unblock this chakra. The word itself - Ksham - means patience, peace, fortitude. When I discovered this I immediately connected with it. Together, for me, they form the essence of leading a healthy life:

Patience - with other people and most importantly with ourselves

Peace - with nature, with our bodies, with our minds

Fortitude - making the most out of life, no matter what shit* is thrown at you

*more on your literal shit later


The essence of Ksham both in its meaning and vibration potential, lead us on the right path to obtaining health.

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