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If you’re a believer in TMI (too much information) then stop reading now. I want to share my story with you so that you know who is treating you. Let’s start at the very beginning. I hear it’s a good place to start.


Thankfully, I’ve never been a truly unwell person. My health has been pretty much intact throughout my life. Or so I thought. I didn’t realise that those little blips and issues were not only avoidable but also unnatural.


“That’s just me” is not a reason to suffer. Ayurveda cannot cure every disease on earth but it can do a damn good job of pacifying symptoms, preventing them from arising in the first place and maintaining a good level of health.

Back to my “good health”.


It started with onset insomnia as a child (we’re talking 2 hours to get to sleep) and very irregular bowel movements. As a teenager it turned into heavy periods, hormonal acne and weight gain. As a young adult I experienced urticaria for a couple of years, and several bouts of very bad food poisoning (apparently more significant than I understood at the time). Then I plateaued. Several issues came and went and I accepted all of them as “just me” and carried on with life. Happy. Accepting. Ignorant.

Until one day my body said no more. I woke up with horrific stabbing pains in my stomach and I constantly wanted to be sick. Food would both help reduce the nausea and make me feel worse. I was a wreck - both physically and mentally. No medicine or intrusive tests done by the specialists could give me an answer as to why I was suddenly in so much pain. And then my savior came along. Ayurveda. With some tweaks to my diet and lifestyle, along with the support of herbs, I was not only back to normal but I was better than ever before. I discovered the joys of eating a meal without the subsequent stomach pains and learned I could stay awake after eating a “light” lunch of salad. Plus a ton of other symptoms disappeared that I didn’t even comprehend how much they were lowering my quality of life.

Fast forward a couple of years and I realised that my heart was in healing. And so my journey to become an Ayurvedic practitioner began. I studied first at Kerala Ayurveda (NAMA accredited academy based in the US) followed by courses in Pune, India with various Ayurvedic doctors.


I still do not have 100% perfect health. It’s a constant journey. I do not follow the Ayurvedic rules 100% to the book. But I do try. What I understand is what it’s like to be in pain and that pain can be healed - naturally. And I will try my utmost to help you achieve that. I also know that this is achieved from work within you - my healing partner-in-crime.

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