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Everything begins with a consultation - in person or over WhatsApp/Skype. We’ll first have a dialogue for around 1.5 hours to get a solid understanding of what your health concerns are, who you are naturally and where the root of the problems lie. It could be any digestive issues, which sometimes display themselves as issues with the stomach, and other times as dis-ease of the mind or skin.

A few days later, you’ll receive your personalised Ayurveda food and lifestyle plan, together with herbs and skincare products if necessary. The recommendations will be carefully explained and realistic to your situation.

What you'll get


Depending on your needs, you will learn how to twist your current diet to balance your body and mind and achieve the health that you deserve


Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference to our wellbeing. Based off the assessment, you’ll discover what changes can be made to your sleep, exercise or other lifestyle patterns that are currently obstructing your path to an optimal quality of life


If your body needs a helping hand, you’ll be recommended some natural herbs to work alongside the diet and lifestyle changes



Digestive issues are often reflected in your skin. You will receive handmade, homemade, chemical free and preservative free products to support your treatment


Regular package

  • 1.5 hour consultation

  • 30 minute follow-up 

  • Ayurvedic food and lifestyle plan

Cost: £120 / 500NIS

*herbs are extra, depending on the issue, and are approximately £23/ 100NIS per month

VIP package

  • 1.5 hour consultation

  • 30 minute follow-up 

  • Ayurvedic food and lifestyle plan

  • 12 follow-up calls over 6 months

  • Custom-made face mask

Cost: £420 / 1,800NIS

*herbs are extra, depending on the issue, and are approximately £20 / 100NIS per month

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