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Why I love Ayurveda

I tried so many diets and exercise regimes over the years it's a joke. I wanted to be thinner, fitter, healthier, something else-er and was willing to go to stupid lengths to see how they would help me. Did any of them work? Paleo destroyed my metabolism and gut, running obsessively damaged my knees and the cabbage diet....well you all know how that ends up. Then I discovered Ayurveda. This time it was different. I was already happy with my body and fitness level, but it helped me with my then chronic stomach problem, as well as enlightening me that I could feel healthier in so many other aspects of my life. It taught me how to eat, act, exercise and sleep according to MY body. From then on my life changed - thank you @lital_pranaveda. Ayurveda is about doing what you're already doing but doing it right for YOU. It's life changing, sustainable and individual.


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