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Tamasic foods

Onto Tamasic foods now (following on from my previous posts on Sattvic and Rajasic foods). Starting with the good, this group of foods can help bring stability, especially in times of stress or pain. However, if they’re over-consumed, they can cause inertia, dull mind, laziness, slowness, confusion and a lot more. Unfortunately, many of these foods make up a large part of our diet. They don’t have to be totally eliminated but it’s important to be aware of how you’re feeling and what quantities of these foods you’re eating. Ever feel like your mind is racing but your body can't move? Then it's time to look on your plate. The list goes like this: leftovers, unripe fruit and veg, canned and frozen food, excess meat, fish, dairy, eggs, wheat, garlic, onion, mushrooms, alcohol, fermented foods. Photo thanks to Don Burns who has a great Etsy page making vintage goodies


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