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Sattvic food

I'm about to drop a bombshell. What you eat affects how you feel, mentally. Ok, you knew that already, so now let's discuss how foods are grouped. In Ayurveda there are Sattvic foods - those that make you feel balanced and energised, make you happy and help you sleep well; Rajasic foods - those that are stimulating; and Tamasic foods - those which are heavy and make you feel dull. Today's post is about Sattvic foods. Foods in this category are: ripe and seasonal fruit and vegetables, basmati rice, mung beans, lentils, ghee, almonds, dates, figs, non-caffeinated drinks, coconut, among others. This doesn't mean that you can only eat these foods. But if you're suffering from brain fog, anxiety, depression, lethargy (and also gas, bloating or any stomach discomfort) then focus on eating foods from this list to reduce your symptoms. Message me to schedule a session and get a food list that's right for you and your symptoms. It’s Kshamming time.


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