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Rosh hashana and honey eating

For those of you who have spoken to me for more than 10 minutes, most likely you've heard me talk about the wonders and evils of honey. In honour of Rosh Hashana and the potential honey cake gorging, let's recap: honey has wonderful therapeutic properties but there is one golden rule you must abide by - never ever heat it up. What does that mean in practice? 1) buy good quality honey that hasn't been processed or heated up. You're looking for "raw/not heated/not processed/unpasteurised/לא מחומם on the jar 2) once you have this delicious, healthy, unprocessed honey in your possession, make sure not to then heat it up in hot drinks, cakes or cooking. It can used in raw desserts, put in warm water, spread on bread or however else you want to eat it. Cold, raw, and fabulously healthy. Check out my previous post for some more info. So my dear friends and followers, chag sameach, happy new year, and happy and healthy honey eating.


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