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Priyanka Chopra hair secret

Priyanka’s another Ayurveda fan: “I’m someone who believes in beauty products that are both Ayurvedic and, I guess, ‘normal.’ Because of the fact that I was born in India, I’ve been exposed to a lot of herbal tricks and remedies; the women in the family always have easy ways of [caring for] things, especially hair, actually. It started with my grandmother. Three days of the week at least, she would sit me down, and it was sort of a traditional thing in India that you do: Moms oil their daughters’ hair and braid it. Coconut oil is healthy for the scalp and the growth of hair, [making it] longer and stronger. I heat up the oil a little bit and do a coconut-oil massage, then I wrap it with a hot towel, so it soaks [into] the scalp. I do it twice a month, and then you just shampoo and condition it normally. I guess thanks to that, I have extremely luscious hair that can stand up against the brutality of my profession!”


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