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If you have motions or emotions, let them go

What's a motion? It can be the urge to yawn, sneeze, pee, poop, burp, eat, drink, cough, vomit, fart or cry. According to Ayurveda, resisting one of these urges can be hugely damaging. Our body needs to rejuvenate and part of that process is to eliminate. When we supress a natural urge to eliminate, we cause damage both to the repressed site (e.g. the head if a sneeze is held in) and it can spread to other areas of the body. Now I'm not suggesting to turn into a a socially unpleasant being. But it means paying attention to the things you're frequently holding in. If, for example, you have the tendency to hold in your wee until the very last moment, then realise this can cause issues further down the line, far worse than the momentary discomfort of a full bladder. Should we let everything out? Not quite. There are some motions and emotions that we should resist and they're more mental urges such as working beyond our capacity, negative emotions (e.g. greed, pride, jealousy), unhealthy speech (e.g. insulting, lying) and unhealthy actions (e.g. violence, stealing).


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