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How to make ghee

Ghee is the number one oil/fat recommended in Ayurveda. What is it? Ghee is clarified butter which is when the fat from the butter separates from the milk solids and water. What's the difference between ghee and regular butter you may ask? Well, just as milk is different from butter, butter is different from ghee. Different processing = different product. Here are some of the super benefits you'll get from adding it into your diet: Ghee is great for your gut. It supports the intestines and helps improve absorption and assimilation of all the nutrients you're taking in. Ghee is good for improving memory. No more forgetting my birthday :) Ghee helps you become more flexible. It's time to put those legs over your head! If you tend to be sluggish then don't take too much ghee as you need to first give your body a cleanse. And if it's hard for you to shift weight then eat it in moderation. Tips: keep ghee out of the fridge - if made correctly it won't go off; its properties improve with age so don't worry about guzzling it quickly; keep water away from it so that mould doesn't get into the jar.


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