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Health benefits of cinnamon

Spice up your life! Cinnamon is both a man and a lady's best friend - full of goodness that helps your reproductive organs. Ladies, this sweet and aromatic spice can help reduce fibroids and cysts, stabilise either a heavy or a light period flow and it works in cases of PID and endometriosis. For you gents, it helps with impotence, low libido and erectile dysfunction. If you're suffering with diabetes or high blood pressure, then sexual problems or low libido are more likely to occur and cinnamon is there to help. Of course its benefits don't stop there. Cinnamon helps with gas, coughs, colds, slow digestion, urinary infections and Candida, as well as purifying the blood and detoxifying the liver. Discover how your diet can improve your health. Message me to arrange a consultation. It’s Kshamming time.


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