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Benefits of dry ginger

Stuck with mucus in your throat? You're not alone. The change of seasons often leaves us with a niggle in our throat that we can't get rid of. Put 1 teaspoon of dry ginger powder into warm water and sip throughout the day. You can have this a few times a day (but no more than 2g if you're preggas). The wonders of dry ginger don't stop there. Got a pimple that's angry and inflamed? Mix some ginger powder with water and slap it on the beast. You want to know what else? It helps with hemorrhoids, diarrhea, water retention, sinusitis, headaches and arthritis. Ladies - it will help purify your uterus (I bet you don't hear that line every day) and for those nursing, it will purify your breast milk. It's time to open up your kitchen cupboard and heal yourself from within


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