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Dry cough and sore throat soother

Advice from AYUSH part 3:⠀

1. Do a steam inhalation with fresh mint, which is great for the respiratory system⠀

2. Mix clove powder with NATURAL honey (take 2-3 times a day). Cloves are good for the lungs and throat and honey will help scrape toxins from your system.⠀

Another tip is to put one clove under your tongue and suck it. It's less pleasant though than the honey option :)⠀

A reminder about honey:⠀

Honey has wonderful therapeutic properties but there is one golden rule you must abide by - never ever heat it up. What does that mean in practice?⠀

- buy good quality honey that hasn't been processed or heated up. You're looking for "raw/not heated/not processed/unpasteurised/לא מחומם on the jar⠀

- once you've bought this good quality honey, don't heat it up in hot drinks, cakes or cooking. It can be used in raw desserts, put in warm water, spread on bread or used in recipes such as the one above⠀


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