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Cooling summer tip: mint

Cooling summer tip #2. Mint. This delicious tasting and smelling herb (does anyone not like it?) helps cool you both physically and mentally. Its properties help disburse heat throughout the body, and it helps soothe nerves and relax the mind. Thanks to its cooling properties, it's also useful to reduce fever and inflammation, and can be mixed with rose water and put on your face for acne. What else? Oral care: it hasn't made its way into toothpaste by pure chance alone. Mint's antibacterial properties make it good for oral health, helping both ulcers and gums. . Digestion: its famous for helping soothe digestion and it also cleanses the stomach and helps relieve gas.

Tell me more! Its antioxidant properties boosts the immune system; it lowers blood pressure, helping with hypertension; it works in pain relief, nausea, menstrual cramps and as a decongestant to relieve a cough and sore throat. Take care though. Too much mint can be overstimulating. So, if your mind races when you go to bed, don't drink mint tea in the evening. Storage tip: wrap your leaves up in kitchen paper soaked with water.


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