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Cold buster: pippali

Bunged up this winter? Ayurveda to the rescue. Pippali or long pepper, is the third, less well-known ingredient in the popular herb forumulation, Trikatu (pippali, black pepper, ginger) that along with helping digestion, is super useful is clearing up a winter cold. Let's dive into this herb:

Lungs: it helps relieve mucus, increase circulation, clear asthma and alleviate muscle and joint aches

Gut: pippali is anti-nausea, kickstarts a slow digestion, helps with a gassy and painful stomach and kills worms

Circulation: when it's time to get the blood circulating, pippali's your man ▫️

The list continues to pippali helping to relieve scar tissue, absorb nutrients, alleviate sciatica pain, reprodutive issues and much much more.

Pic was taken in the private (and very extensive!) herb garden in#kerala. What good memories.


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