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Benefits of Manjistha

This herb is a personal favourite of mine. I take it both in a tablet form and use it on my skin. One of its main benefits is detoxifying the blood. Here's a summary of its goodness: Skin: improves complexion and helps with acne rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and vitiligo Bleeding: it cools heat from the blood so helps with blood in the urine, heavy periods, bleeding ulcers, bleeding out of cycle and it's good for healing wounds Gynaecology: ladies listen up. Manjistha is an all rounded herb for us, helping with cramps, clots and missing periods, as well as endometriosis Urine: manjistha is great herb for dissolving kidney and bladder stones Mind: due to its cooling properties, it helps balance emotions, and it can help in certain types of epilepsy


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