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Benefits of aloe vera

Aloe aloe! Are you ready to hear about the wonders of your favourite home plant? The Sanskrit name for aloe vera, Kumari, gives you a clue as it means young maiden due its properties in helping young girls with acne and menstruation. It's also a good anti-aging plant so it really works for everyone. Let's first start with... Skin: aloe vera gel is amazing at healing skin after burns and wounds. It also helps with psoriasis, eczema, acne, warts, ulcers, herpes and stretch marks. ▫️ Gynecological: given in the right form and dose, it can help with both heavy and light periods. Genius. And it's good for PCOS, PCOD and leucorrhea. Yes, it's a girl's best friend. Gut: aloe works as a laxative so can be useful in that department (just be careful with the dose so that it doesn’t work too well!). It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, calms hyper-acidity, soothes peptic ulcers, and helps with Candida albicans. Eyes: since it's an anti-inflammatory, it works on many eye diseases such as conjunctivitis. Take care with aloe vera when pregnant. Tip: if you don’t have a plant at home, buy pure aloe vera gel and keep it in the fridge for any burn emergencies. If you want to drink it, the juice can be bought in many natural supermarkets or can be made at home.


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