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Balancing Western and natural medicine

Where do western and natural medicine meet? Good question and one that Dr B. M Hegde talks about extensively. A famous cardiologist, Dr Hegde is a huge advocate of obtaining the right balance of natural and western medicine. He talks about a new concept called meta medicine - the merging all medicines so that there is no monopoly of one medicine - where emergency care and corrective surgery are supported by modern medicine and the rest from natural medicine. “The flaw of today’s approach to treatment is that the human body is seen as a car machine which can be repaired part by part. Whereas, the human body is a whole entity and should be treated in its entirety. How else can one explain the side-effect of drugs used to treat one organ, affecting the other organs?” Western medicine is vital and has its place its our society. Natural medicine is vital and also has its place. The key is knowing when to use what, and ultimately doing what is better for our long term and overall health.


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