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In answer to the previous post, it's more important WHEN you eat, than how much you eat or what you eat. Probably not what you were expecting to hear. Ayurveda gives a lot of importance to the timing of our meals, which is related to how strong our digestion is at that moment, which is connected to the energy of the sun/moon.

Breakfast: there's no mention of breakfast in Ayurveda, which contrary to many Western beliefs, can be skipped. If eaten, the ideal time for it is as close to 6am as possible. And keep it light. Lunch: your main meal of the day should be eaten close to 12pm, when your digestive fire is the strongest. Supper: a light, small evening meal should be eaten at around 6pm. Try to avoid salads which are hard to digest, especially when the sun has set or is low, and before your body must rest for a peaceful and rejuvenative sleep. The next thing that's important is HOW MUCH you eat. Eating a 500g steak, even at 6pm, will put a lot of strain on your digestion which is starting to calm down for the day. Finally, it's about WHAT you eat. Making wise choices, that are not only nutritious but that are good and suitable for YOUR body. Want to learn what food is good for you? Then it's time to Ksham it. Send me a message here.


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