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Things to know before you detox

Detoxing after the holiday food and alcohol splurge? If so, make sure that the detox is not doing you more harm than good. Some things to look out for: - RAW VEG JUICES are hard for your system to digest, so though better than a burger, they may be putting too much stress on your digestive system. - FRUIT SHAKES contain a crazy and unhealthy amount of sugar in one meal. And they're often too acidic on your system, which can be especially harsh on your stomach if you're also cutting out carbs. - POWDERS - put simply, it defeats the purpose to clean your body with something that is processed. Keep this in mind if you've chosen to detox after the new year. If you're looking for a natural and healthy way to clean and kick start your system, maybe it's time to Ksham it. Message me here for more info.


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