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Your ingrained doctor

When asked "what is Ayurveda", this quote always comes to mind. Our body is an amazing machine of lots of systems - circulatory, digestive, hormonal etc - that helped us walk, talk, breathe, digest and grow into the wonderful people that we are today. When something is out of balance in this brilliant machine, it's clever enough to repair itself, we just need to give it the fuel and environment to do so.

An example of what this means in practice: if you have PMS, you could take ibuprofen to cover up the cramps and suffer with all of the other symptoms it brings. Or you could learn what is not working correctly in your body that is causing this reaction, and then fix that. The more we heal the root cause of a disease, rather than dealing with the symptom alone, the better our ingrained doctor will heal us from within. Ksham with me!


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