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Benefits of cloves

Drink mulled wine! It's good for you. Alrighty, maybe that's a little exaggeration but the cloves in mulled wine are a great medicine for lot of ills. Let's break it down: Gut: cloves help boost a weak and sluggish digestion, especially if there's some pain coming with it. It's also a relationship saver by helping with flatulence. And it can aid in Candida. Lungs: a known remedy for asthma, cloves are good for congested lungs, bronchitis, laryngitis and fever. Suck on a clove when you have a sore throat. Sounds gross but works a treat. Pain: a common ingredient in many natural toothpastes, cloves help with toothache as well as headaches, arthritic pain and poor circulation. Mint, it's time to move over Reproduction: good for both sexes, it helps with vaginal discharge and premature ejaculation, as well as boosting a low sex drive. What are you waiting for. Open your kitchen cupboard and reach for natural remedies to help with aches and pains. For more personalised info on how to boost your health from within, set up a call.


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