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Webinar:  Wednesday 7th July

Sort out your poo, sort out your perimenopause

Your easily ignored and flushed away poo, tells a story about your perimenopause symptoms. Discover how to read your poo and get tips for a smooth perimenopausal journey.

Cycle become irregular? 
Feeling more irritable?
Unexplained lethargy?

The root cause for many perimenopausal symptoms can be uncovered by peering into the bowl at the contents of your bowels. Sort out your poo, sort out your symptoms.

In this webinar we'll tackle: 
  1. Different types of poo
  2. Poo in relation to Ayurveda and perimenopause symptoms
  3. Tips for getting the perfect poo
Wednesday 7th July 
7pm GMT+1 | 9pm GMT +3

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